Descubrí PAN
Chicos al arte: following the traces of Hans Hartung
Chicos al arte: we are inspired by Niki de Saint-Phalle's "Nanas"
“Ensayos para vivir en paz” by Martín Bonadeo
Pedro Roth: "I am closer to glory than to success"
TALK WITH DUST, a solo exhibition by Sebastián Díaz Morales. ph: artland
VIDEO. STUK+ Sebastián Díaz Morales
Ver video
Fund raising by Sarah Galer: stories of a journey through Parisian and Buenos Aires museums.
The artist Mariana Fadón incorporated her drawings into YAUZO TEA
Collective exhibition "Artists of La Panera. A constellation of ideas" at Espacio de Arte Gontran Cherrier
"Devenir Toro", the photographic exhibition by Andrés Calamaro at the Azur Gallery in Madrid.

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