Publication: “CONVERGENCES. Sustainability and Creative Spaces in Art”

“CONVERGENCIES. Sustainability and Creative Spaces in Art” is a free downloadable digital publication, the result of research and compilation work carried out by PAN Comunidad de Artes.

We are happy to share this material with you, where we gather more than two years of research, interviews with artists and managers, meetings, thoughts and images.

“Convergences” has the support of the Patronage program, Cultural Impulse, of the Ministry of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires.

Authors: Pía Dalesson, Rita Maschwitz, Estefanía Radnic
Childhood Activity: Javiera Valencia Arenas
Editorial advice: Natalia Silberleib
Design: Fabian Muggeri
Correction: Juan Fernando Garcia



Whiteness, immensity, humility: Interview with Argentine artist Claudia Fontes