Interview with Agustina Mistretta, creative director of “ETHER Arts project”, a cultural organization that promotes artists and actions related to the environment
Pía Dalesson

ETHER Arts Project” is a nomadic cultural organization that links artists, curators and exhibition spaces to manage and produce exhibitions and cultural projects. The curatorial concept behind ETHER revolves around man and woman in their human condition and the relationship they establish with nature. We promote the career of artists whose focus is on the environment.

We spoke with Agustina Mistretta, Argentine photographer on the go and creative director of Ether, to learn more about this project.

© Courtesy Agustina Mistretta. PH: Tony Priky

Pía Dalesson: Although Ether was born in Buenos Aires, I understand that both the work team and the actions with artists also take place in the United States, Spain and other parts of the world.What can you tell us about this global mode that Ether aims at? ?

Agustina Mistretta: We find in the nomadic lifestyle the way to link people and interests, always in a very symbiotic way. The mobility and dynamism with which we work gives us greater freedom than having a fixed place from which to operate would imply, with which we can be very flexible when it comes to partnering and generating proposals at different points on the map.

View of the Angeles Peña exhibition at Skye Gallery Aspen, “Tales of Water” 2020. Courtesy ETHER
Deshielo (Islandia) by Angeles Peña. © Courtesy ETHER.

Pía Dalesson: Which artists could you mention that reflect the spirit of Ether?

Tomás Saraceno is the most developed national example that we find at the intersection of art, environment, activism, and science. We are great admirers of his work, a pioneer in the field and recognized worldwide.

© Tomás Saraceno, On the Disappearance of Clouds (2019) Venice Biennale, Italy /

Another artist we admire abroad is Olaffur Eliasson. An undisputed benchmark, his work deals with the most pressing issues that pressure the climate change agenda.

Projects such as Aeroceno (Tomás Saraceno) on Earth Spkr (Olaffur Eliasson) are directly involved with a form of social artivism from where we believe that it is possible to use art as a tool for political discourse, as a vehicle for transformation.

Earth Speakers project, by artist Olafur Eliasson. © Olafur Eliasson / Fastcompany

PD: What objectives would you like to meet in the medium term with this project?

We are working on solidifying our work scheme, expanding our representation of environmental artists both from Argentina and from other parts of the world. Many of our efforts are now focused on obtaining our Foundation status, because we know that from that angle we will be able to give opportunities and support to more artists and projects. We are also working on a production grant that we hope to have published as an international call before the end of the year.

View of the collective exhibition “Tales of Water” 2020 at Skye Gallery, Aspen, USA. (Tania Dibbs, Ángeles Peña, Lizzy Taber, Yuri Z and Pauline Rrrrrrr). Courtesy ETHER
“Modern Man” by Axe Ajax. © Courtesy ETHER.
“Nocturnal V” by Marcos Acosta. Oil on canvas, 96 x 95 cm. 2021. © Courtesy ETHER.
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