Santiago Carrera
Suspended nature: a collision between instantaneous and immortality
In this series of photographs, Santiago Carrera dialogues with art history, in particular with a very old pictorial genre, linked to the centrality of the simple object or the simple object. Through art, it is fixed forever and becomes immortal. Still life that is chosen, arranged, organized to create a formal and chromatic composition, and at the same time harmonious and disturbing. Carrera immobilizes fruits, vegetables, fish, eggs, food waste; freezing it creates a true life of still life, united by the fragility of the ephemeral moment, and captures the moment when the surface of the objects maintains that thin layer of frost that moistens the bright colors of the fruit. A "collision" between the instantaneity and the immortality, between beauty and death ... but also a poetic encounter between the painting and photography! (Writing by Valeria Frei)