Priscila Rezende (BR)
Body Actions
Priscila Rezende is a visual artist who works mainly with performance, also developing installation and photography works. Race, identity, insertion, and presence of the black individual and women in contemporary society are the main drivers and questions raised in her work. Based on their own experiences, the imposed limitations, discrimination, and stereotypes are exposed in visceral body actions, which seek to establish a direct and clear dialogue with the public. The artist proposes to the public to share and confront different realities, in order to displace them from their positions of comfort and question the crystallized prerogatives. Works: "Bombril":foto Priscila Rezende. "Deformação / Deformación": foto Maíra Cabral/ "Gênesis 03:16 / Génesis 03:16" : foto Edilaine Pereira/ "Génesis 09:25 / Génesis 09:25": vídeo Fernanda Branco Polse/ All of which are american dreams: foto Priscila Rezende/ Nau Frágil: foto Adam Ciereszko y M.Zakrzewski