Eugenia Ryan
I am interested in inquiring into the labile quality of memory that makes memories become weaker as time goes by. As much effort as we human beings make, the act of remembering is itself diffuse, a constant for the interest in retaining something that escapes us, hopelessly. There is no possibility that that remains intact, it slips out and at the same time we alter it. Fragility, which defines memories, finds a relationship with the techniques I use to reach these images. I work with certain image reproduction resources that could work to the detriment of forgetting. I take photographic shots of which I then make simple photocopies to generate wear by extracting layers of ink from the back of the copy. This causes a new one to appear on the back of the image and, in some cases, over it I rescue lines and values with the use of pencils and graphite bars. The loss and rescue processes, the thin area between the appearance of what is about to disappear, combine to form these images that makeup elements of an unreliable psychic circuit such as memory.