Erica Roncari
Needles, Threads, Paper
My work is born from several artistic and personal concerns that have arisen over the past few years. I work from my condition as a human being: Ephemeral and Fragile. I evoke a new perceptual approach to contemporary life where everything expires quickly and where the transience is imminent. I seek to reflect on what goes through us as a society and as an individual reformulating new questions in order to understand our present. Contemporary life is a complex scenario where our condition of transience paralyzes us. We are resilient by obligation. We break, they break us, but we must be in a hurry to mend and continue in the race of this dizzying life where the performance of the contemporary subject is linked to self-exploitation and therefore, to self-dissipation. I use paper as the base material of my works. I also use tools such as sewing machine, needles of different sizes and shapes and threads of different colors.