Diego Frangi
Poetics of light
Characters over clear skies, almost timeless, as part of this series of direct shots with flash. Special places, remote and distant from each other: Burning Man, the Missionary Forest, Latvia. The sensuality that is generated between character and stage (almost fictitious) is the result of trying to show the situation in the best "light", always sifted by my memories and with a poetic intention rather than a documentary one. I am interested in people and their relationship to what surrounds them, for this reason, I think about my work among in the tradition of Environmental Portraits. I am moved by the idea of living an experience where I can be immersed in deep isolation and at the same time I understand that cooperation is an indispensable strategy for survival. I define myself as an explorer. I prefer to walk in the periphery, where nature still rules and mankind struggles to understand it and, sadly, also to dominate it. I traveled from Ushuaia to the Arctic Circle, passing through the Kalahari and the Sahara Desert. I am always in search of adventure not for mere adrenaline, but for the incomparable sense of connection that invigorates me up whilst observing natural processes closely.