The book as collectible object. Secrets of art editor
Rita Maschwitz

Melisa Boratyn is a curator, editor, and writer who specializes in visual arts. In 2016, she co-founded Ronda Editorial; a project focused on the promotion of Argentine art through the publication of art books. After working on the production of seven books as an editor, she opens to new challenges; we scoured her books for clues that reveal what is to come.

Since the begging of the editorial project, her idea was to create something that invited participation and explained art in a relaxed way. These concepts finally materialized in a series of painting books designed with a minimalist, elegant, and highly distinct aesthetic. The intention was to capture children and adult audiences at the same time.
Xul para pintar / Ph. Lucas y Marco Boratyn

“The first titled, Xul para pintar, was published thanks to the support of María Basile and the generous collaboration of her grandmother Elena Montero Lacasa de Povarché, who ins charge of the Museo Xul Solar / Fundación Pan Klub, and allowed the use of the images of the Works of art.” After the publication of Xul Solar’s book, two more painting books followed, one dedicated to the late artist, Manuel Espinosa, and the other one to Nora Iniesta.

Painting books (Price: $430) / Ph. Lucas y Marco Boratyn
Starting 2018, with the desire to spread the works and creative processes of people with whom she had been working on parallel projects such as Andrés Sobrino, Ale Giorgga, and Luciana Rondolini, Melisa begins creating her first books of contemporary artists. The first work in this new path was a book-object of the Petrushaus Movement (Ale Giorgga) that compiles a series of unique typographic posters, making each copy an unrepeatable piece.
Movimiento Petrushaus by Ale Giorgga. (Price: $1000) / Ph. Diego González

Both this first publication and Giorgga’s second book, finished recently despite the quarantine, were published in limited editions of 100 copies and hand screen-printed covers, to show support for the craftsmanship and bring the public closer to the artist’s usual methodologies.

Movimiento Petrushaus by Ale Giorgga. / Ph. Diego González

“We did not seek to translate or compile his work, and Ale understood the project as one more available tool. An easy and friendly experience that synthesizes the path that he built ten years ago in the urban environment.”

Movimiento Petrushaus de Ale Giorgga / Ph. Lucas y Marco Boratyn

Andrés Sobrino’s book focuses on the artist’s workshop, the materials, and trade, so it stays away from the traditional catalog concept. “Thanks to these ideas, we were able to get rid of certain characteristics that are expected from an artist’s book, many times focused on showing the final result and not the processes or the “behind the scenes”.

Andrés Sobrino [Features: an edition of 200 copies with a covered lid and French biding. Price: $900.] Ph. Lucas y Marco Boratyn

The publication is full of photographs that Andrés took of his workshop, a space that is always in constant movement, and it is accompanied by a text written as a dialogue that manages to unravel some assumptions related to Sobrino’s work. This book is also conceived as a collectible piece, an object that generates pleasure and transports you to a universe many times unknown. ”

Andrés Sobrino /  Ph. Lucas y Marco Boratyn
Femininjas (Price: $550) / Ph. Lucas y Marco Boratyn

Femininjas is the result of working together with Fátima Pecci Carou, a compilation of what was at that time her last series of paintings. It aims to reflect on issues such as feminism, a new analysis of history, the place that women occupy (or not) in the art world, and the private universe. These fictional characters, with an aesthetic from the Japanese anime, bring us closer to issues ignored for centuries. It includes a manifesto written by Cynthia Castoriano (SuzyQiú) and haikus by Laura Quesada that put into words what Fátima explores with her works. [Features: in this case, we printed 500 copies, in a comfortable size to hold in your hands, and as a unique detail, we added a sticker plate inside.]

Femininjas (Price: $550) / Ph. Lucas y Marco Boratyn

“After three years, Ronda Editorial dissolved, and it was then when I understood that what I want to create is a plural project that goes beyond the concept of publishing and allows me to weave networks that involve artists, designers, curators, editors, and creative people. Regarding the central axis of this concept, I want to promote publications that highlight artists, historians, curators, women, and dissidents actively involved with the Argentine art scene from new perspectives.

Although I have no idea where we are going or what projects may be carried out in the future, the current moment of crisis and pause we are facing makes it exceedingly difficult to develop any plan. I feel that if we manage to rearrange resources and desire, we can achieve more things than the ones we imagine. Meanwhile, I do the exercise of looking, talking to artists, writing, sharing, and broadening my horizons. ”

The books can be acquired in Melisa Boratyn´s  Instagram: @melisaboratyn and in the following independent libraries:  La Capataza, Tienda Quorum, IDLB, Falena, Librería del Conti, Museo Marco, Mandolina, Smart Gallery, Museo Xul Solar / Galería Rubbers.

Andrés Sobrino / Ph. Lucas y Marco Boratyn
Movimiento Petrushaus by Ale Giorgga / Ph. Diego González
Femininjas / Ph. Lucas y Marco Boratyn
Andrés Sobrino / Ph. Lucas y Marco Boratyn
“When I sit down to read, generally at night when the house is quiet, I always do it with a tea.”