«Anne Luz Castellanos / Macky Hurrell: Tribute»
Estefanía Radnic

Anne Luz Castellanos is a Franco-Mexican jeweler who lives and works in Buenos Aires. She is rational and measured, with a precise and studied technique patiently manufactures her jewelry pieces. Although it seems that nothing is at random in his work, paradoxically, the issue of elephants and their indiscriminate hunting for the use of ivory suddenly sneaks.

A shattered old piano arrives at her hands that a friend offers to reuse. Anne Luz wants to give another life to those piano pieces that bring back memories of the classes she took with her sisters. Unforgettable memories of his Mexican childhood. She begins to produce pieces and faces the dilemma of the white ivory keys. Anne decides to use those elephant remains, resignifying them through her jewelry pieces, as a protest and tribute.

Macky Hurrell is an expressive, disproportionate artist, the technique she uses for her paintings leaves much of her work left to chance. At first, she draws a pencil, charcoal or acrylic drawing that she after fixes with varnish. Once the varnish dries, the most interesting process begins for the artist: the blasting with asphalt paint – which sometimes combines with oil – working with turpentine, the spatula, the rag, the fingers, directs the game of unexpected reactions. At times, the way she has in mind escapes or defines itself but in general, she manages to accompany the process with mastery so that the final result is as she imagined.

On the other hand, Macky’s fascination with Africa, her concern for nature and the protection of animals, is the subject she consciously addresses since she began painting. In her quest to regain the respect lost by nature and pay homage to it, the artist gave elephants a leading place.

«Tribute» is a valuable opportunity to put in dialogue two great artists who are part of La Panera generating creative exchanges and transversal networks in the intimate space of M&C.

Macky Hurrell, Zoom, 2019.
Macky Hurrell, Espejismo, 2019.
Macky Hurrell, En manada III, 2019.
Anne Luz Castellanos, 2019 © Damián Wasser
Anne Luz Castellanos, 2019 © Damián Wasser
Anne Luz Castellanos, Troya, 2019 © Damián Wasser
Exhibition writing by Daniel Joglar for the exhibition “Nerviosdemetal.38.artilugio.Sí” of Sergio Colavita Lacoste at Pagana Casa de Arte