Can Art Catalyze Change?
Pía Dalesson

“Are you a social artist? How many artists in the world are focusing on this? Is anyone else thinking about these issues or am I the only one? ” These were some of the questions asked by Nicole Loeser, director of The Institute of Art and Innovation while creating the project “The Social Art Award”. With already two editions (2017 and 2019) on it´s back, the project is on the path of publishing a second book to be released in April 2020.

© The Social Art Award/ by Melinda Mouzannar (Lebanon)

The Institute of Art and Innovation is a multidisciplinary institute based in Berlin that explores and promotes art and innovation as a way to foster social impact and change.

With the premise “Are you a Social Artist?” and “Can art catalyze change?” a call for artists was launched around the world.  Artists and cultural actors of all areas were invited to apply with a work linked to the social art field.

The selection process was very interesting: a public vote, where the artists’ work could be seen and voted through an online platform, was combined with an international jury that selected the best projects.

The winners of The Social Art Award 2019 were Narcissa Gold (USA), Melinda Mouzannar (Lebanon) and Bogna Grazyna (Poland/Germany).

“The great diversity of applications shows that artists are actively engaged in the multi-faceted fields of social art. Reflecting on wars, genocides, femicides, traumata, violence against refugees, children, women, men, disabled people, LGBTIQs and animals.” […] “It’s not only about peaceful revolutions, but also about feeling a deep connection and showing love and respect for each other.”

We are convinced that from our place of cultural agents we must be aware of the place of art in society. Art is not and should not be thought isolated from the rest of the fields. Art can solve problems, give a creative answer and by crossing paths with science, and different disciplines it can position itself as a fundamental entity to think about the future.

© The Social Art Award/ by Narcissa Gold (USA)
© The Social Art Award/ by Bogna Grazyna (Poland/Germany)
© The Social Art Award/ Valentina Berthelon (Chile/Germany)
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