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Santiago Carrera shows its contemporary still lifes at Doppia V gallery, Switzerland
Pía Dalesson

Argentine photographer Santiago Carrera opens next Friday, October 18, the exhibition NATURA SOSPESA (Suspended Nature) in the Swiss gallery Doppia V.

With the curatorship of Valeria Frei, Carrera prepares to show for the first time the complete series of his “frozen natures”. The gallery, which is located in the Italian canton in Switzerland, has previously exhibited Carrera’s work in 2016 with its series “Subtantia”.

“Suspended Nature” clearly evokes the traditional genre of still lifes, but in a contemporary way: the freezing and the composition of the elements in equilibrium.

“The instantaneous flexibility is achieved through the‘ click’ caught when the surface of the frozen objects maintains that subtle layer of frost that dampens the bright colors of the fruit; an instant before the frost dust is transparent like ice, an instant later it evaporates. But it is also achieved through the superimposed composition of the elements that, defying the force of gravity, play with their center and balance each other. ”*

Santiago Carrera’s photographs have won awards and have been exhibited both in Argentina and in other parts of the world such as Japan and Poland.

The artist currently lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

* Fragment of “UNO SCONTRO TRAISTANTANEITÀ E IMMORTALITÀ”, text by Valeria Frei for the catalog of the exhibition.

© All images courtesy of the artist Santiago Carrera

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