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Tea Time: Drawings, strands, enjoyment
Pía Dalesson

We spoke with Mariana Fadón, Argentine visual artist and member of our “Break your Bread” section, who for the first time added her drawings to a commercial project together with YAUZO TEA.

How did the project start?

In addition to being a visual artist, I am a Graphic Designer for the University of Buenos Aires and I have had a design studio for many years. One day, Laura from YAUZO came to the studio and was looking for special packaging for her new blends that would realize the importance of the Tea Ritual.


We started working on the idea, the logo and a series of important concepts for them such as Warmth, Friendship, Family, Bond, Intimacy, Moment, Enjoy.

As for the design, we wanted to connote something of the artisan work. I had never incorporated my art into a brand’s packaging, I had always worked with the support of the paper and the frame, it had never occurred to me to start expanding it.

I started to think about the strand, how fragile, how refined the strand is, about the different varieties.

Laura loved the idea of adding author work and that allowed me to work with great freedom.

Patterns, textures, colors

I started putting together sketches and always thought about the texture, the weft of the strand. There I realized that it went hand in hand with what I do. I always draw with the fabric, with the fragile, with which if you pull on one side, the other disarms.

I didn’t want to fall into the obvious drawing of the typical flower, so the drawing tried to be more abstract and delicate. There these strokes appeared, where you can see that the hand passed. The irregularity. A line comes and you can see that it is wrong, that defect that appears from doing, from the artisan. A “careful imperfection”.

© Mariana Fadón/ Yauzo Tea

The drawing embodied in these containers enhance the idea of Tea as a time of calm, union with others and a feeling of comfort.

“Through tea, we create our own universe and choose who to share it with. Each cup is a link that connects people with sensations, moments, rituals and places.” (YAUZO TEA).

© Mariana Fadón/ Yauzo Tea
© Mariana Fadón/ Yauzo Tea
© Mariana Fadón/ Yauzo Tea
© Mariana Fadón/ Yauzo Tea
© Mariana Fadón/ Yauzo Tea
© Mariana Fadón/ Yauzo Tea
“The cookbook”, colors and textures in the photographs of Lucía Fainzilber